A Hilarious Momma Story-Only Momma Could Do This

Okay people so something happened last night that made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I cried I laughed so hard and my husband just didn't get the jist of it cause it's a Momma thing.

So last night I was dressing my son in his bedtime jammies, they were footie pajamas as depicted in the pic below:

Then I proceeded into Dillon's toy room with him so that we could spend a little time playing..while there he came over to me like he often does and gave me kisses [but he and I call them "Tissies" :)] And he felt a little bit wet, I just overlooked it assuming that his sippy cup had leaked on him a bit....Moments later my husband brought it to my attention again asking why he was wet and I said I think it's because his sippy leaked on him.

So we innocently go on with our evening playing and whatnot. Later I was in Jon and I's bedroom where Dillon loves to follow me to and after begging me to put him on the bed I did because he and I always play wrestle on there. After a few minutes of play his Daddy came barreling down the hallway and jumped on the bed and after a few minutes Dillon jumped on me and when I grabbed him I realized he DID NOT have a diaper on his booty! So at that very moment I started laughing hysterically and my husband repeatedly asked me what was so funny..

After about 5 minutes of dyer laughter I told him that Dillon didn't have a diaper on and I couldn't believe that I forgot to put one on him! I couldn't believe it because I could have sworn I had put a diaper on this child.

So I take him into the living room and then I got his footies off to my surprise this diaper had came undone on one side and it was down around his right ankle!!!! And yes ... the grossness is exposed! The wetness on him earlier was where he had peed with NO DIAPER on!!! Poor little baby boy! but things like this happen and it helps us have a laugh and get through the day.

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