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All Mommas of the world unite if you've ever lost countless hours of sleep taking care of your little ones! The last 3 days I have devoted my full time to soothing and comforting a coughing, sneezing, runny-nosed, feverish one-year-old. I'm tired, my body is sore from my newfound workout routine and I myself am still recovering from the sickness I apparently passed onto my little man. Below is what I'm usually armed with during allergy or teething times:

Before I became a Mom I kind've had a heads up of what was in store because I was 14 when my youngest sister Emily was born...I helped a lot in taking care of her from getting up with her during the night her first weeks home to bottle feeding and changing diapers and lots of things. Still no matter how much experience you have with someone else's child or a younger sibling cannot begin to compare to what you will do with your own child. Moms should be able to show experience in many career fields as much as we have to do with our children, add husband in the mix and you look like a superwoman :)

The list is endless...we are housekeepers, secretaries, chefs, doctors and at times motivational speakers..lol. There are times when we wake up and are ready to go and have the most productive day EVER and then there are days or periods where we can't even think about doing anything pertaining to our house or selves for that matter. Which is why we always have those "Mom" days where our hair is pulled back, we have no makeup on and are wearing sweats and a T-shirt...the "I don't care" look as I call it.

It is rare that we get to really dress up fancy and our husbands too and go out whenever our hearts desire to see a movie or travel to one of the bigger cities and enjoy the day. But that's what comes with being a Mother! I wouldn't trade the last 15 months I've had with my son for anything else in the world. He lights up my and Jon's day and we love him with our whole hearts. And although getting 4 hours of sleep and waking up with yesterday's makeup on takes it's toll on our body and emotions...I am glad to be able to take care of this precious little angel boy I call Dillon.♥

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