Father and Son..An Unbreakable Bond.

There's nothing so precious and beautiful to me than the bond between my husband and our son. It's nothing like I've seen before. When I see them together I can't help but feel like they were meant and made just for me. The love that pulses through my veins seeing them together gives me chills, a good kind, that makes me think of how perfect things are in that very moment. I see my husband look at our son like he would do anything for him and lay down his life for that little boy, as would I.

Men are hard to read because they hide emotions deep down in that unbreakable vault of hidden emotions. But that's the beautiful thing about a camera...you can capture that moment of weakness that they release that look that you can read like the back of your hand. I just know that Dillon and Jon are going to have a wonderful Father-Son relationship. Jon loves him so much and gives 100% to him. Any guy can make a baby but it takes a real man to be a Father. Jon has always possessed the qualities of being a great man which anyone can see that he is, and he is and has always been a big family man which makes him perfect as a Daddy to his little boy.

Jon sacrifices so much in order to give to Dillon and myself. He is the hardest working man I know and loves me with his WHOLE heart. He is sweet and caring and treats me with the utmost respect. Let's not get carried away, we both have tempers and of course we have our fair share of arguments and disagreements, but those things don't weaken our relationship, they make it stronger because each one we get through with compromise and work we gain that much more love for each other.My husband loves me and our son more than life itself, he never has to say it because we can both see it and feel it. I thank God for those two each and everyday and pray that he gives us a long life together to see what each day has in store!

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