Everybody has to Grow Up.

Unless you have siblings that are younger than you, this probably will not apply, unless you consider or treat someone like your younger sibling. I am one of four girls in my family. I have a 29-year-old half-sister from my Dad's first marriage named Brandi. Although we did not spend so much time together growing up as me and my other two sisters, we were still 'sisters' who loved each other and are there for each other. She's been through several rough patches in her life which has also contributed to our lack of communication but I'm hoping that soon God gets His grip on her and helps her change for the better.

Next is myself, I am 21 years old, born December 27, 1988. Ironic that the meaning of my name when looked up in a baby name book means "Christmas Child" or "Child of Christmas". I was the first born of my Mother and Father, Patricia and Roger Gamble whom were married January 25, 1985.

Third would be my first younger sister, Brittany. She turned 19 this passing February which already made me feel older because she's graduated and almost in her 20's. But we were close in age and had a very special sisterly bond. I find that once you get married and move out your bond with your sisters changes, and your parents to be truthful. Your sister used to be your 'best' enemy meaning that although we loved each other-it seemed like we had to because we were siblings and we fought 90% of the time. But once you move out whether it's right next door like us or the other side of the country you stop being a sister or a daughter and become a 'friend.'

Lastly but never ever least is my youngest sister Emily. She was born December 18, 2002 and she was not planned because my Mom was already 40 and my Dad was 42. My Mom thought she was going through 'the change' and turned out she was already about 12 weeks pregnant with our littlest sister. Emily is a big ball of energy. She can go from sun up to sun down and she is the sweetest little girl you can meet. She loves her sisters and her parents and her nephew very dearly and does whatever she can to get the whole family out together.

But the subject of this blog was not an introduction to my family but the fact that everybody has to grow up. And I'm saying that to let myself realize that my sister Brittany is pretty much there. She is getting married March 22, I didn't expect it to be so fast myself but she has my blessings and I hope that she lives a happy, loving and fulfilling life with her soon-to-be husband. She will also be moving out of my Mom and Dad's house too [obviously] and will probably be living in Madisonville Apartments, although I'm not sure which yet. It's sad to see someone you consider your 'baby' sister grow up and start a life of their own, especially when you know how cruel and hard life can be yourself.

But I wanted to write this blog in order to say I am proud of her and I love her [and my other sisters] very much and hope that all of them can only better themselves and live and long prosperous life!♥

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