No More Monkeys...Laughing off the Bed??...

So we've heard of monkeys jumping on the bed and one falling off and bumping his head right? Well have you ever heard of a monkey laughing off the bed? If not, Dillon will be your first story.

Dillon's Aunt Emily [which is my 7-year-old younger sister, I know, crazy right?] came over today after she got out of school. Their favorite thing to do together is to get on Jon and I's bed and crawl and roll and just be all rough and tumble like kids naturally are. I was in the living room cleaning up from Dillon's dinner [popcorn chicken and fries] when I heard Dillon laughing a hysterical laugh. It was a laugh that just could NOT be ignored so I took it as an opportunity to catch him in some photos smiling for a change instead of being serious like he often is...

So after I grab my camera and arrive in my bedroom I find Emily popping up and down at the end of the bed, that is what Dillon was finding so hysterical. You know those laughs we do where we laugh and yon can definitely hear it at first then it goes on to become so hysterical you can't breathe therefore you don't make a sound anymore? Well that's what Dillon was doing and the laughing definitely made for some mighty fine pictures...

So he was setting about a foot away from the edge of the bed, upright that is. I was snapping pics left and right and next thing I know out of the blue and unexpectedly I snap one shot where he is just barley in the lower left portion of the picture.. as seen right here:

What's happening at this very moment? Yep, you guessed it, he was falling off the bed during this very shot. He was laughing so hard he went to lay back but that small little distance that he thought was between him and the bed became what was probably a terrifying fall to his little self. I immediately ran over and picked him up and his adorable little laugh turned into a heartbreaking cry.

A cry that didn't last for long! Thankfully he landed in a way that didn't phase him long. After he realized that he was okay and safe in Mommas arms he sat up on the bed and looked at Emily and proceeded to continue laughing. My little Man is getting tough but no matter how tough he will get I'm glad to know he will always need his Mommy there to comfort him. :)

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