One Goal Down, Lots to Go!

Well on one of my previous posts [Goals for 2010 [Things we want!]] I have accomplished goal number one thanks to my wonderfully awesome husband! I have bought a Sony A230L 10.2 Megapixel DSLR camera! I was on a mission the night we went to Wal*Mart [which was a 10:30 PM trip] to get my Canon Rebel, not the T1i like I had posted before but the Xs because the reviews and images I researched on it were pretty amazing to my standards and I was confident I would walk out with one.

I called the store several times, not only store information but also all the other departments...ring..ring..ring...no answers. I wanted to see if they had the camera in stock before we made the trip, but they didnt answer so I just insisted we go anyways.

We got there and proceeded to the Electronics section and low and behold they were sold out of the Rebel Xs, all they had left in the Canon brand was one poor lonely Xsi in the display case below the camera assortment. At that point my heart sank a little becase the Xsi was out of our budget, coming in at $650 not including buying a memory card and the warranty [whereas the Xs was $499] So I stood there in dismay for a minute wondering to myself when I was ever gonna catch a break.

Well I look over and see this Sony camera sitting here and I pick it up and look it over and remembered reading about it online along with my vast research of the DSLRs over the past few months. The reviews it had were good and I remembered reading about hte "Steady Shot" it had that worked with any lens you put on the camera body. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they have ONE left in stock but it was $100 cheaper than the Canon I was yearning for. Coming in on clearance at $399 was the camera I ultimately decided to buy and I am extremely pleased with the results that it has given me over the past few days I've had it.

My main purpose for having this camera is to take pictures of my son and people around me.. this could be done with a point and shoot and I have no problem with them at all, all cameras can work to the greatest advantage if you know how to use them. I had my Canon Powershot up until now and it worked just fine. There are some differences between point and shoots and DSLRs, don't get me wrong...DSLRs have quicker shutter speeds for your little speed machines and have so many settings that if learned can make beautiful photos! My camera is for lesiure and I hope to take many great pics with it!

Now to move onto other things on our list of things we gotta do and back to bill world to try and pay off some things! Here is my camera in all it's shining glory! [Not actually 'literally' my camera, but this is exactly what it looks like ;)]:

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