Jesus Loves the Little Chlidren.

I'm gonna take a minute to mention a few of the kids in my life whom I care about so dearly♥ I love all the children in all my family of course but unfortunately I don't have a picture of every one of them...yet :). I love kids period and always have. They are God's gift to us to tell us the Earth should go on. They are innocent and know no bad or evil. It's our job to shape and mold them into presentable and responsible young men and women. Their everydays are simple and they can find pleasure in the most ordinary things. Life is so much more enjoyable as a child as our minds have not yet grown callused to the cruel world we inhabit. To all the children in my/our family: as your Mom/Aunt/Cousin..etcetera...I love you all and hope the best for your life and pray God protects you and His angels be with you always♥

First of course I'll start off with my little man, Dillon. I love him with all my might and God couldn't have blessed Jon and I with a better son. He is wild and crazy and also soft and meek. He has learned so much over the past 16 months thanks to our teachings. He is perfect in our eyes and nothing will ever change that. He is not spoiled and will not have things handed to him in life. He will learn that working for what he wants is much more satisfactory than obtaining it the easy way. We will be here to help him always and we will NEVER turn our backs on him. I solemnly promise that. He is my heart, soul, breaths I breathe and my every single day. He keeps me going when I'm down and think that I can't take anymore. He wraps his arms around me and though so little and barley go around my arms, it feels like he hugs my entire soul because he's got me wrapped and I and my husband love him with all our hearts.

Next is my little sister, Emily. She is a girl full of spirit. She has more energy in her little finger than I do in my whole body. I was 14 years old when she was born and had a huge hand in her raising. My sister and I were like second (and third) Mothers to her. She is dreadfully spoiled thanks to that but not so that she is a brat (although she has her moments, but that's cause she's a woman:). Playing a mother hen role in her life makes my relationship with her different than those with my other sisters. Not that I love her more but in a different way. I know that she thinks the world of her whole family and she loves Brittany and I. We love her too, she is our baby sister and we'll always be here to take care of her. She is special and was a blessing to come into our life. Love you Emily.

Next is my nephew, Colton. He will be four this coming August. He made me an Aunt for the first time and I loved/love him sooo much. He is handsome as can be and has grown so fast! I was so eager for him to be born cause like I said, I love babies and by that time Emily was already 4 herself so I was ready for another newborn to be around. Jon and I stayed at the hospital nearly the whole wait for him to be born and I was the winner with the weight guess at 7 lbs and 2 ozs :). Colton is a ball of energy like Emily and is non-stop. He still likes to play with his Auntie Natalie when she's around :). That little blonde curly-headed boy is such a joy to be around!

Lastly but certainly not least is my neice Adelyn (aka Sugarbiscuit). She is the sweetest little petite princess you'll find. She was born 5 days before Dillon and its such a blessing they were so close because they will grow up together and be so close! As a matter of fact her and Dillon already greet each other with sweet, innocent cousin kisses :) Although I haven't kept Addy like I did Colton when he was a baby I still have special Auntie time with her. She can be so dramatic but she definitely is a sweet soft-spoken little diva. She does so well with everyone and can sit in a lap forever or be up and runnin in a second. She's so sweet with her dresses and skirts and her soft little voice and soft brown hair. She's a true little princess!

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