Hello all and sorry to keep you waiting for the next post so long! :) But as we all know yesterday [4.4.10] was Easter (aka the day Jesus was resurrected). I was so thankful for the weather we had yesterday, it made everything enjoyable and magnificent. We started our day off at church, somewhere that we should be more often anyways. The singing was glorious, there's nothing like hearing the gospel on a wonderful Sunday morning. And the sermon was special because the preacher preached about how Easter was most definitely not about Easter Eggs but about the resurrection of Jesus, our Saviour after being crucified of the cross three days before.

That was the very first time that Dillon had been to church and needless to say after getting in trouble a few times for misbehaving and some high-pitched screaming he did much better than you would've expected. He enjoyed the singing as well and clapped along with everyone in the congregation but when it came time to sit and listen to the sermon, he was bored and did not like it one bit! But we made it through and at the end he and Emily got to hunt eggs after church ended. Jon helped Dillon and Emily being 7 was capable of handling herself. Both walked away with pretty great baskets of eggs.

After leaving church we headed to Peeps where we were going to have an Easter lunch and another egg hunt. Dillon enjoyed time with his cousins and other family members there. We ate sandwiches and chips and desserts and proceeded to the egg finding! Emily helped Dillon hunt this time since she was hunting with the older kids and the younger ones went first. Dillon never quite got the jest of what to do..just that he found a colorful egg on the ground and one was all he wanted and wouldn't go looking for more unless we coaxed him into it. But all in all we came out pretty good there too!

Lastly we headed down towards Dalton to Kirkwood Springs to visit with Jon's Mom and her boyfriend Jim. We had no egg hunt there but some desserts like jelly bean brownies and bunny cookies and chocolate-iced cake made by Aunt Manny (Amanda Robinson, Jon's sister). Dillon hadn't had hardly one wink of sleep all day and was so clingy to me and wouldn't go to anyone, Grandma or Aunt without having a meltdown so today I have the sorest right arm from packing him everywhere I went because walking was not something he wanted to do either. Jon and his brother fished in Jim's lake while Jim and Eddie (Amanda's husband) and Brenda and Tim (friends or family of Jim's) played music and sang and was our entertainment for the evening. Savannah, Dillon and I went down by the road and stuck our feet in the icy cold stream that runs down the ditch and empties into the pond.

The day was fun-filled and exhausting all at the same time..but fun + kids + no napping + lots of running = tired EVERYONE! lol But we all had a blast. Family gatherings are the most important part of any holiday. Not the food or the gifts or the Easter eggs or the baskets...just being able to spend and celebrate important days together makes you appreciated the fact that you do have family because family is oh so important! Always remember to thank God for them, and giving us an Easter to celebrate because if it weren't for Him sending His only begotten Son to die for our sins, we would not longer be here. Give praise and thanks!

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