Mine Explosion in West Virginia (4.6.10)

As we all know there was a methane explosion in Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, West Virginia on April 6th. This was the worst explosion with fatalities since 1984. It really hits home for people across the United States or there in the hometown to see something so tragic happen. Mining is a big business in W. Virginia as well as Kentucky and other surrounding states. It is good pay and since the only requirements to be a miner is to take a 2 week class and pass a written test, it's a quick and easy way to make good money.

But before entering into the profession men are made aware of it's dangers in these classes they take. There are some that leave before the course is half over but most of the remaining usually devote the rest of their working life to the dark, cold, wet, dusty coal mines. But they use their bravery and strength to move forward and get on with trying to live the Great American Dream!

Coal mining is very important to the United States. We supply more than half the fossil fuels used by other countries and 25% of the energy produced in our own U.S of A. Coal is important but coal can't be produced without the miners who mine it. They are paid good for a reason..because not only is the job dangerous but it is physically tearing their bodies apart and causing advanced aging in their joints, muscles and bones. You can't help but be proud of them because you know that their doing a profession only the so-called Men of Men can do, but you also know that if there was any other way of making the same money minus the dangers you would change in a heartbeat.

This mining explosion has made me very emotional the last 3 days. It makes my worrying and fretting over the dangers in Jon's career REAL because you see how it can truly happen and cause heartache to the families of those miners. I respect anybody who chooses to work this profession and to literally risk their lives on a daily basis to go and mine the coal down in the shafts of the coal mines. I pray that Almighty God be with each and every family who lost a loved one in the explosion and that He also protect the millions of other miners who are continuing on with their jobs even after seeing this tragic event as it unfolds before our eyes.

Jon being late getting home makes me mad! My stomach turns, my mind races and my thoughts tell me that something has gotta be wrong. I await a phone call..hopefully from him telling me he was held in..as long as his name shows up on the Caller I.D. I will be okay but if I ever see otherwise...I think to assume the worst and I hope that I or no one else ever has to endure any of the heartache and pain and torture the miner's families are going through right now. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart coal miners, for doing a dangerous job to supply us with much needed and loved electricity and for taking care of your family.

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