The Presence of God.

Have you ever had that feeling, its a feeling that is nearly unexplainable but in a few descriptive words it's a feeling of happiness, tearfullness, fear, warmth and ease..? Well I did yesterday (4.8.10). And I'll tell ya the story.

Yesterday I drove about a third of the day, first to Muhlenberg County then to Madisonville to take my baby boy to the doctor. But from the moment I got in the car till I came home the last time something was drawing my attention all day long.

It was the clouds. Yes, the clouds. You know those days when there are clouds and they are pretty and fluffy and white and you're like oh it looks like cotton balls or fluff? Well these were like that but so much more. Something kept drawing my eye to them. I was in awe with them like they were the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on and they stayed beautiful all day long. My thought and feeling tells me that God was ..how do I say.."in" the clouds yesterday. Sounds funny I know but I felt like I was looking at something so divine that it shouldn't even be seen.

On my way home from Madisonville I literally had to pull over on my road and just sit there and look at them and take it all in. I cried..because my emotions are raging like a river this week for numerous reasons from the mine explosion to my baby boy being sick..but I didn't feel like I was crying because of either of those reasons but from the sheer beauty of the clouds themselves. They seemed to give me a peaceful feeling, a warmth and happiness and that "it will all be okay" feeling.

God works mysteriously and He can be anywhere anytime in any way, shape or form. He is Amazing, Forgiving, Merciful, Almighty, Awesome, Powerful and our GOD. He is the beginning and the end. The alpha and the Omega. He spoke this World into existence with His words. Now you tell me that someone who can do that isn't worthy of being praised and worshipped.I believe with all my might in God Almighty. He is there when the world is against me. He listens when I have no Earthly people to talk to. He is reassuring and encouraging and calming in times of worry, discouragement and anger or fear. I feel Blessed knowing that I know that I have a faith and belief that can get me through life's worst struggles. I hope everyone has or will have a relationship with God that makes them feel like this.

So next time you're outside or driving down the highway worried about being late or what's gonna happen tomorrow or other people or sickness and all kinds of other things that can cause negativity, try looking up every once in a while, cause we all forget to do that in times we greatly need to. You just may find God there waiting to comfort you and make you realize things that you thought were so big seem so small.

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