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For all of you who kept Dillon in your thoughts and prayers I thank you as a Mother and a friend! His recovery has been relatively easy and quick and I am so glad that my little energetic ball of happiness is re-emerging from that little fella. Today was the best day so far...obviously you get better day by day and usually the most recent is "best". He still has some symptoms hanging on like runny nose and a cough but the scariest things like the labored breathing and loss of energy are all gone! He played outside a long time today and enjoyed every minute of it. I snapped a few pics as proof of his more livelier self which will be visible below...In one he's eating a hot dog because playing outside makes us all hungry ya know...

The next is showing him with a barrette in his hair..haha! I put them there in the bathroom after his bath and I think he just forgot about them being there.

The last is him throwing a tantrum because he wanted to be held...Momma of course proceeded to pick him up and snuggle with him after she snapped this lovely photo of his "fake crying" face. I am thankful for the Lord's blessings and all my family and friend's prayer for him!

As far as the "other news" I'll be talking about our goals and hopes for our yard :D. We've lived here for nearly a year and a half and have done NOTHING as far as landscaping and improving the overall appearance of our curb appeal. Now that Dillon is fully mobile and easily entertained on his own (unlike last year when he was only 6-7 months old during the hottest months and being outside wasn't a good place for a baby who didn't like to sweat and be hot!) we decided that it was time to take notice and start improving our surroundings!

Gardening has always been a favorite past-time of mine as a younger kid. I always LOVED helping my Mom pick out flowers and plant them in the flower beds every year and mulching around it all. I haven't done it in several years and I miss it..It is so rewarding to plant something and watch it grow each year into something amazing and beautiful. Today we made our first of what will hopefully be many (for our dream's sake, not wallet's sake ;) visits to Lowes. We got some landscape timbers to build Dillon a sandbox and some more lumber to put the last finishing touches on our front porch.

Other than that we also picked up some potted plants for me to work my (hopefully) green thumb magic on and let grow! After spending tons of time looking and reading I walked away with a yellow burning bush, two azaleas (pink and purple), and a basket with several creeping phlox in it. Those are all perennial plants (which means they will grow back every year!)...love the easy aspect of that! But also I got some annuals (which will die after the planting season) for my large barrel-resembling pot I got from Big Lots a couple years ago but never used. I got some ornamental grass as an accent plant for the center, Salvias on either side that are purple and orange-y red and the little cute white flowers that resemble baby's breath .. and I truly can't recall their name.. Oh well haha all I know is I planted and worked until I couldn't no more!

I spent time outside from about 1 PM until 7 PM, not a full 6 straight hours because there were breaks where I had to come get Dillon outta bed and fed and changed and re-fueled with juice and lots of face cleaning and nose wiping :). I have a nice red tender sunburn on both shoulders, although they are not nearly as painful as they look or as I thought they'd be. I just hope it sinks in to be a nice tan ! I snapped a quick pic of my pot ..it was dark of course by the time I got out there and did it but oh well, its okay ;). I plan on getting more and doing more to our front and back yard. I wanna get a sandstone edger around the hedges and other bushes we will plant in front of the house (btw the fully grown hedges we have came from Jon's cousins who gave them to us when they dug them up!). Glad we got them for free! Also the edger we are gonna use, which is sandstone and that is very common to this area, were also free as me and my sister, sister-in-law and nephew went and found on the side of the gravel roads!

I plan on trenching and setting the rocks up all the way down the front and then putting down plastic and pine mulch around the hedges. As far as to-dos we still need to get lattice up on the bottom of our porch, try to find some reasonably priced privacy(-ish) fencing to put in the back so that we will have a confined area for kids to play in...the play area already consists of a sandbox and a little tikes slide..Not sure what else we will add but hopefully more to come as summer progresses! I am excited about all we're doing and can't wait to see our visions become a reality. It may be a slow process but we've only just begun and we're both still young ;). I hope it all turns out how we plan and that we can walk away satisfied with our hard work and creative minds! :)

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