So..I'm never really one to usually reach a listed set of goals that I write myself. Well, not in such a quick time frame anyways. I'm all about slow and steady wins the race and all but things are going good this year and although we've had our share of downs we have had plenty to be thankful for and to appreciate so far in 2010. In an earlier post I've made this year I listed a set of goals we were hoping to achieve. Regardless of the fact that we have tons of lists of smaller to-do's layin around everywhere, this list contained some of the bigger, riskier and more financial-oriented goals that we had in mind.

Well we reached #3 last Friday on April 9th! My husband has been yearnin' and wantin' a Yamaha Rhino ever since the things first hit the market. I remember him talking about them when we dated and got married and various other times. I didn't know what the heck they were so I didn't pay much attention to it (*snickers). So as his wife and support system I was truly..if not more excited for him when he finally got to purchase one of these babies! When you're in love with someone..what hurts them hurts you (usually more) and what makes them happy makes you happy (usually more). Although I can't deny liking the new addition myself...this was his thing and I am proud that he was able to get it..he deserves it and I hope it gives him/us many enjoyable years of memories and fun times as a family!

So here's what I presented to him as a token of my appreciation, utter respect and gratitude:..

Dear Husband:
For all that you have done over the years...for the man you've grown to be, for the love we've shared, for the time you've sacrificed, for the child you've helped me create, for the strength you give us, for the passion you show, for the kindness you bear, for the gentle touch you posess, for the courage you present, for the encouragement you give, for the hard times you've endured, for sticking with me through my good and bad times, for teaching me to find myself, for pushing me to do things I wouldn't normally do, for being utterly amazing, for letting me in when no one else could help you, for supporting everything I do, whether it's wrong or right, for standing up for me, for being the greatest most unbelievable and outstanding Daddy to one special little boy, for teaching that little boy the values of a good life, for being so kind-hearted to everyone you meet, for being one of those "I'll give ya the shirt off my back" country boys, for working a dangerous profession, for sacrificing so many things just to be with me, for showing me what a real friend is, for being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen, for looking at me that way..well you know, for being a great lover, for being fearless, for being honest and truthful, for being loyal, for trusting me and entrusting your heart to me, for handling my heart with care, for loving your son unconditionally, for loving me unconditionally, for not conforming to the latest trends, for being original and unique, for not caring what other people think, for marching to the beat of your own drum, for teaching me to make my own rhythm, for teaching me how to be a mature woman, for lifting me up when I'm down and for pulling me down when my eyes get too big, for telling me "I love you" everytime you greet me or say goodbye, for looking at your son like a Daddy should, for tellin me I'm beautiful when I know I'm not, for telling me I can do it when I think I can't, for telling me I'm going too far or not far enough, for sharing my joys and heartaches, for being a hard worker, for busting your rump day in and day out, for praying for me and your son because I know you do, for loving me for WHO I AM and not who you want me to be, for keeping your faith strong, for looking at the positive side, for all the unnecessary overtime you've worked just to get ahead, for holding my hand laced and not cupped:), for kissing me like that, for being my one true love, for holding me at night, for giving so much and expecting so little, for being responsible and most of all for being you, all the time.

And this in my opinion is why he deserves this. I love him and cherish him as my husband and Father to our precious little boy! Love is beautiful!

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