Momma's Day!

I can't pass up a holiday like this one without talking about it. This year is my second year celebrating becoming a Mother, and there is no better present I could receive than the one I already have, my son. He MADE me a Mother and I adore him and absolutely LOVE being his Momma. Being a Mom is a full-time job as we all know, whether we have one or five kids. One child can have the energy equivalent to five and some days, my little one does!

I've went all my life hearing all the cliche things you always hear about being a Mom. "Your maternal instincts will kick in," "Your life will never be the same," "You will never have time for your husband," "You will never sleep good again.."..etc. And all of those statements are true for the most part except the fact that there is a sunny side to each statement. Yes, you do have some instincts that tell you what to do but if you didn't have a Mother or maternal figure in your life to teach you what a Mother's love is and how to be patient and to love a child....you do lack or catch on a little more slowly than others. That's why all Moms, Grandmas and other people you hold as close to your heart play such an awesome role in your life :)

Your life will never be the same is an understatement to say the least. Your life is not even the same life you were living when you entered that hospital..once you have your child on the outside, looking at their face and in their eyes after waiting for so very very long, you have no idea what feeling you are having. You're exstatic, excited, tired, sore, swollen, scared, nervous, confused and all sorts of other feelings and emotions! But I can't even begin to explain seeing that little person as soon as they come into the world, everything you drew together in your head of what it will be like or who they will look like falls to the back of your mind as only a silly thought, because you feel much more love than you ever imagined and your child is the most beautiful little wrinkly, bloody, soft, hairy person you've ever seen! Cause you see through all that to their souls and their first cry is like your lifeline, as long as you hear it the "Beep..Beep..Beep" keeps on going.

Not having time for your husband is also true but in an "alone" factor. You will have plenty of time with them if you look at it as "family" time and not just "date nights" or "alone time". It's always healthy though for a couple to have a break every now and then to refuel the flame between them and take the time to re-introduce themselves to each other as husband and wife and not just "Momma" and "Daddy". As a matter of fact my husband and I just took a couple's retreat of a sort. We left at 2:30 PM Saturday and spent the night in a king size jacuzzi suite in a local Best Western while some of Jon's family watched Dillon overnight in our home. We ate at a nice restuarant and swam in the indoor pool at the hotel and walked around stores and then watched TV from our jacuzzi soak. Every bit of it was much needed and evenly deserved but the topic of about 85% of our coversations was Dillon..

Which leads me to the last statement I mentioned above. Being away from home in a comfy bed with total quietness you would guess I would sleep like..well..a baby! But in all honesty I slept worse that night than I have in a long time in my own bed at home. I thought about Dillon all night and missed him and just was counting down to the morning when we would head home to see him. So in a way yes, you loose sleep. From waking frequently to soothe, change or feed a crying newborn to using your wee morning hours as the hours you can use to do things like this...blog, edit photos..etc. So therefore you end up staying up till unreasonable hours and regret it every following morning like I will tomorrow!

But all that being said, every single minute of anything that came along with me becoming a Mother was well-worth it and I love Dillon more than life itself. Jon and I both would do anything for that child, he is our life and our will to keep going. We want to try to give him all the things we didn't have but will by no means make him into a spoiled brat with a silver spoon if you speak my language. There's nothing wrong with buying your child anything, as long as it is appreciated and not just expected. My husband makes me happy beyond what the boundaries of happiness is. He gives me what he can, which makes me appreciate him to the utmost level. I want a lot of things but I know that it is very unrealistic to buy every want I (or he) has in life. So he sorts out what he thinks is important, as do I with him, and we compromise. That's what I love about our realtionship..we compromise.

But we will never compromise on how much we love the little boy who looks at us with the prettiest blue eyes and smiles at us with his mouth full of the most beautiful teeth and says so much to us without uttering a word. We are wonderful parents and will want the best for him in this life-he comes first, always has, always will. I am going to put a picture of me and my son and a picture of me and my own Mother, whom I appretiate more than anything for raising me to be a loving Mommy to my own child. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there and I hope that you have as special realtionship with your Mother's as I do.♥

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