Checkup TIME!

Well baby big boy had his checkup on June 3rd! He got two shots...was supposed to be one and that's what I told him and then when I got there I found out they added a new Prevnar shot to be a "booster" the the ones they get at 2, 4 and 6 months so it looked like Mommy lied :'(. But he took it like a man!

Dr. Suarez (Dillon's pediatrician) came in and asked him where his belly button and nose was and he showed her...GOOD BOY! Then she asked about his food/milk intake which is one sippy of whole milk at breakfast and bedtime and various foods in between but considerably more drinking than eating. He was 25.6 lbs and 33 inches! He must have had a growth spurt since I last measured him because when I did he was around like 30.5 inches.

I told her what he's been saying/learning and doing and she was very surprised! Dillon being my first kid I have no idea what to expect at what age nor do I care what the "books" say because he's gonna learn as quickly or whenever he wants to, I don't need a book to make my kid follow because everyone's child is unique and different in his/her own way. But he is speaking in sentences, small ones but he enunciates them well enough we can understand. He says things like Let's go home, Wanna Go Potty, Throw in Trash, What did ya say?, Wanna go to sleep and lost of things after the phrase It's a..... Like It's a cow or a horsey..so on.

But anyways the doc said that most children don't start putting two words together until 2 and especially boys bc they talk less than girls (as we all know lol). Then she asks if he took order and completed tasks and he does...he picks up his toys when we tell him to he stops doing things (usually) when we tell him to and he takes things to the trash when he's asked and he can count to 5. I am of course proud of him because he is my baby boy and I love to watch him learn new things all the time. He surprises me everyday with new things he has learned and I thank God is is expanding his knowledge and learning everyday. Makes me feel like I'm doing my job as his Mother and Jon as his Father just Perfectly♥

Two shots :-/

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