Dillon's First Movie

A little late for this post but it will be okay, I won't deprive you of any more vital information concerning my life ;) Last week (June 18th to be exact) was yet another "first" in our young son's life. He took his first trip to the movie theatres! I would have never taken him had it not been a movie that we are all obsessed with around here...and if you know me and my son then you know which animated movie I'm talking about! Yes! Toy Story!

Jon and I both over time found out we had that in common (the fact that we both loved the Toy Story movies.) In fact, Toy Story is pretty much the only Disney movie Jon would sit down and watch (willingly). I attempted to incorporate Toy Story into my son's birthday party theme last year but had no great luck finding anything with Woody and the Gang. Now with the release of Toy Story 3 I am finding all kinds of Toy Story themed things...from plates and cups to Birthday cards and more! The only thing that had Toy Story on it at his 1st Birthday party was the cake and it was custom made. Isn't that how it always goes though? You look and look for something, settle for something else ..then later the thing(s) you were looking for appear and you're so frustrated?! Well that seems to be my luck pretty often.

If you were to take a walk through our house you would find LOTS of things Toy Story. A table and chairs set, complete comforter set, the actual Woody doll, three or four small plastic Woody figures, light up shoes, clothes, books, beach towel and mini couch...all bearing the face of Woody the Sheriff. We only have Toy Story 1 as far as movies go but hope to have the complete collection with the release of 3 and I also hope to collect all the characters..(Buzz, Jessie, Rex..etc).

Anyways..getting back on track..Jon and I took him to see Toy Story 3 and we went on the day of release...Friday. Combining a "weekend" day with a movie release day usually isn't good as far as beating the crowd goes but we were willing to try our luck at an earlier showtime. So we went to the 2 o'clock showing (which wasn't too bad..but there were a LOT of people..so I would've hated to have been there at the prime times like the 7 PM or later showings).

We grabbed a small popcorn, large soda (an icee for me) and of course I had my purse stocked with a couple Reese's cups and candy bars..you need all the distraction you can get with a toddler ;) We grabbed one of those booster seats from the outside hallway and sat right in the middle, where the walking path is that divides the upper half from the lower half. Since I very well couldn't drag a camera out and start blinding people with flashing pictures for the memory book I used a more stealthy approach..I had my camera on Auto with no flash (a setting for places with restricted flash) and grabbed two decent images for future proof along with our ticket stubs for the scrapbook. Here they are:

Disney's Pixar..

I really wish this picture would have taken a few seconds sooner..It said "Toy Story 3" but as soon as I hit the shutter the title burst into flames (haha) So this was all I caught.

Okay as far as behaviour went I will break it down into threes; The first third of the movie Dillon was a little angel..he found my Icee and sit back with it on his lap drinking away at the new and cold drink..and when he saw Woody and the gang he started yelling WOODY..YEEHAW! which we had to shush as to not disturb the other viewers. The middle got a little rocky because he had discovered there were people behind us and all he wanted to do was stand up in my lap facing backwards and say HI! to everyone he could make out. He was also very tired because it was already 3 PM and he had no nap prior to coming. So Jon had to take him out for a few minutes and bring him back then held him tightly in his lap.

He fought it for several minutes (which seems like hours when your child is whining and crying and drawing all sorts of attention haha) but finally gave up and dozed off. So the last portion of the movie he slept :) I have to say that the movie was very good, worth going to see. Usually sequels never do justice to the original but I've gotta say that this was different. I pretty much cried at the end. I know, how silly of me right? Well you will have to see it for yourself to understand why. But anyways, to rate the whole experience overall I'd have to say I was satisfied with Dillon's behavior and glad we got to see a Toy Story movie as one of his "first" theatre experiences. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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