Family Reunion

In addition to celebrating the fourth over the weekend I also had the opportunity to attend my second Franklin Family Reunion and Dillon's first! I went in 2008 which is the year I was pregnant with Dillon and met a few people who I already had known and met in the past. Since then I found several others with the help of facebook and got to know them well through the popular social networking site. The reunion gave me the opportunity to meet some of these great people in person and to see their faces for the first time. I was glad I got to go although I wish my husband could have accompanied me but he had to work that Saturday. So I decided to go ahead and not let Dillon miss out on the chance to be introduced to a lot of his close and extended family members.

It started at 9 AM and I got there at 9:30...Dillon and I had some raisin bread and chocolate covered doughnuts for breakfast and waited while the majority of the family showed up following our arrival. A few of the people that I got to see in person included Angie Odonnell, Tammy McCabe and LaDonna Adams. I felt like I already knew them from our communications through facebook but it's always nice to see someone and hug them and have a laugh or two. They are all amazing ladies who have lent an ear and gave positive words during the time I've known them. Dillon made friends with Tammy's grandson Callin (aka Boogie) and just loved and kissed on LaDonna's great grandson Collin during the time we were there. I had a great time and stayed until about 2:30 when I left and came back home to see my Aunt Jane who had stopped by at my parent's house on her way through to Mississippi. She lives in Topeka, KS and so I only see her one to three times a year..usually twice though. I think she is a great Aunt and I spend hours on the phone with her a few times a month catching up!

Family is very important to me. I think they are crucial and that blood is thicker than water in any situation. I love my family and I love my husband's and I want the best for Dillon and the 'best' to me is for him to know everyone and go to all the reunions and get-togethers he can so that he creates a bond with everyone at an early age. I hope to continue to be able to attend the reunion every year to see the small kids and how they've grown and catch up with my 'facebook family' as I've come to call them. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys their families to the fullest!

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