Macro Monday

I love macro, and if you go back and look at all of my macro entries I ususally have a flower posted ..I don't know why..guess cause they're so beautiful?! Anyhow, today I included yet another caterpillar..this one fell out of the tree I was sitting under right on my pant leg! GASP! You don't wanna know what I -THOUGHT- it was first..hehe..you probably could guess right?! But I just scooped him up with a dried leaf and put him on the ground and papparazzi'ed him! Hope you enjoy! To view other entries for these up close and personal shots head on over to Macro Monday

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anonymous said...

I love the caterpillar! (I haven't seen any this year - I don't know what's up with that?) Great detail and color!

Jan n Jer said...

I tend to photograph flowers also,but I do love this shot of the caterpillar...now I am in search of one, they are lurking around somewhere, just have to train my eye.

Ashley Sisk said...

What a great shot of the caterpillar. Awesome.

Natalie said...

Angela- I haven't seen many either to be honest..maybe 3 total (and one was dead :/) so I don't know what's up with that either??
Jan-They are pretty neat to photograph! I'm sure you'll find one quick now that you're looking!
Ashley-Thanks..I loved his color..bright green..made for a very vibrant shot!

Christina said...

Wow, what a colorful caterpillar!

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