Happy Hallow's Eve :)

So this year was our little monkey's 2nd Halloween. He was able to enjoy a little better this year than last year considering he was only 10 months old last October. He will be 2 in December this year. We did push him in the stroller the entire time BUT he rode like a champ and acutally enjoyed it. Any other time he sees like 500 kids all around him walking he INSISTS that he MUST walk too. But not tonight, guess it's probably becuase he didn't take but a 30 minute or less nap the whole day when he's used to at least an hour and sometimes two :-O! So he was kinda tired but was a good sport and said "Thank You" to every person who dropped candy in his bucket :)

We started our day around 8 AM, around lunch my little family of 3 made our way to the local Cracker Barrel for lunch, and it was GOOD I must say. I ordered the Saturday Chicken and Rice and my husband ordered breakfast...French Toast with Blackberries, 3 biscuits and gravy with two sausage patties. Monkey had a vegatable plate that consisted of mashed potatoes and green beans. YUM YUM. After we had our fill we made our way back home (hence where the short nap came in) and got him dressed and face painted...(which was pretty much a bust because he had almost all of it rubbed off and smeared all over his costume (Alien from Toy Story) before we made it to any houses.) But I got some photos in him while it was still mostly in tact.

{H is for Halloween!}


We went with my parents and my youngest sister, Emily. She will be 8 this year and was a kitty cat..a cute one at that!

Our first stop was at our local Walgreens because my other younger (age 19) sister Brittany works there and wanted to see him since she had to work during Trick or Treat hours (BUMMER!). Afterwards we stopped by her apartment to see her husband who had the kids some extra candy..

and was dressed as Freddie Kruegar (I have NO idea how to spell that so sorry if you immediately noticed it was wrong!). The costume was very convincing too, plus scared the living daylights out of Dillon..

so the mask had to come off..but was passed around from my husband to my Dad who tried it on just for laughs..

{my dad.}

{my husband.}
After that we made our way to a subdivision in our local town. Broke out the stroller and commenced to walk around ONE block and maybe a half of another..and ended up with a REALLY good haul for a block and a half..nearly full buckets!! So we were pooped out and ready to get out of the cold and back to the warmth of our homes so we made our way back and got here about about 7:45 (CST). Got some grub and got the little monster bathed and face paint scrubbed off and in bed. It was a great Halloween I have to say...and I'm thankful for my family that I was able to spend it with! Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween as well!!

7 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Jan n Jer said...

aww so cute, Halloween is for kids, but fun for the adults too!

Jamie said...

What awesome costume! Happy Halloween.

Barb Phillips said...

Love seeing what everyone did with Halloween. Great fun photos. thanks for sharing.

Mandy said...

Holy moly that mask is scary! Ha ha. But the kids look adorable!

Seizing My Day said...

I am with Dillan ... Horrible nightmares coming my way... EeeeeeW!! =) Horrible mask! ha ha!
Halloween will get more and more fun.. as he gets older ...as long as you keep the scary masks at a distance!! ;)

Renegades said...

I'm with the little guy I don't like scary things. We went to a haunted corn maze, barn yard, tree grove, and I was the loudest screamer. Yeah gave my group some great laughs!

Anonymous said...

Hope your Halloween was great...your H's are a hoot!

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