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Hey guys..
How's it goin!? Great I'm hoping. Okay so on my post yesterday you saw all kinds of photos I shared from the holidays. I had several ask about the actions and edits I used to achieve some of the results in them. Most of the time when I edit it's hurried, especially when I have a volume as big as I did from Christmas photos and my birthday so while I cannot recall exactly which actions I ran on each photo I can share the set(s) I used and where you can get yours for free! Besides, why keep such goodies as these a secret!! I love to share how I do things especially when my work is admired enough for me to be asked!

Okay so I stumbled across this awesome chick named Nelly Nero on Flickr the other day. She has a group pool where flickr members upload photos they've used her actions on..so when you're signed into your flickr search the 'groups' for 'Nelly Nero'. But her actions are available on her profile which can be found right HERE. This will take you to her profile page and you can download all the sets or just the ones you feel like you need. She had all KINDS of goodies in there. 20 B&W actions in a set and some exclusively for outdoor/landscapes and basic fix sets..all that goodness!! I was ecstatic when I happened across it the other night and I've played around with them and let me tell you they're worth it! I am gonna share a few more photos I used her actions on below this text so you can get a glimpse of what there is.

Also...the snowy shots are another thing people were lovin so I had a couple more actions that weren't apart of Nelly's action sets. One was the action called "Coffee" that I found on DeviantART by David Nanchin. The link to the download page is right HERE. The download is on the right side of the page where it says "Download File (ATN Download)". He also has several more he offers below the photo of his "Coffee" action so check those out too. Here is an example from yesterday's post where I used this action:
Snowing/White Christmas!
It gives a bluish tint to the photo and makes it really soft :)

Okay so another place I lucked up and found some awesome freebies was Mulletgod's website. I shared a photo yesterday of a cedar covered in snow and at first I couldn't remember which action I used but I'm positive I used a vintage action from the set I downloaded from Mulletgod. His website can be found HERE along with the free downloads!! He even has example before and afters of each of his actions!! So I would highly recommend you check them out!! Here is the photo I used a vintage action on in yesterday's post:
Oh and the theme this week over at The Shades of Pink is "Limit" and there is no limit to the amount of snowfall you can receive right? Since we cannot control it ourselves...so this is my entry for Sheri's theme this week. To see more or enter yourself head on over to her blog and enter HERE!
See the yellow-y/gold tones in it? That was from the action I ran..if only I could pinpoint the name..sorry about that one guys!! Actions are an addiction for me and I love to stumble across new ones but I like to try them out before sharing so that I know they are worth the storage space ya know? :) And I have found so many textures and actions through the help of other bloggers that I thought I should start attributing to the blogger community as well with a few goodies!

Another single action I got and that has proved popular in the liking is my Strawberry Vintage action I got from Linkie Lueville! The actions gives a pink/peach tint to photos along with a very vintage feel with the vingetting. Here is a recent photo with the action ran:

This is my entry for Pastor Girl's Ponderings...it makes me happy, in a "I love my boy so much it's ridiculous" kind of way!
Isn't it darling?! Anyways the link to the exact post she shared the download in is right HERE. Lindsay has a linky on that post where you can share a photo you ran the action on so feel free to share your masterpiece with her!

Okay so I need to quit rambling and get to the photos I promised. So here they are!:
Macro Candles
This was a macro photo I took of the birthday cake my husband made for me! I ran the "Chocolate" action from one of Nelly Nero's action sets on this...since it correlated well with the 'chocolate' cake :) It softened it and gave it a very 'chocolate-y' feel!

Me and my world
I'm wanting to say I used "Gold Flake" on this photo..it was also an action from one of Nelly's sets. I added the extended canvas and text myself. But anyways, there it is :)

This was one of the actions out of her "Fix my Photo" set. It includes skin softening and taking the red tones out of the skin as well. Plus there was some additional things done. I know my expression is a lil crazy but so am I so it fits :)

Sweet cheesin
Not sure what action I used, maybe the same retouch as the last and then a vintage on top of that one. I also edited the eyes on both of us. These were my "Mommy and Son" photos I took on my birthday using my wireless remote .. oh how in handy that thing comes! :D

Think I may have ran the "Lighten This" action from Paint the Moon.. but whether or not I love the photo..I told him to stick his tongue out and this was our result!

These last couple I don't even think I edited but they were the only couple I had left of my new flickr uploads so I decided to share them anyways. This is my "RAWR" face ... in case you ever wondered what it looked like. Hehe.

My bday cake!
And this was the cake my dear sweet wonderful husband baked and iced for me. Can you tell he iced it a little early and it melted a lil? Oh well it was good and it's gone now hahaha!!

Laughin Mr Pickle
And my sweet boy giggling at his Mommy who always runs him ragged over pictures! There are several 'holiday favorites' in here so I'm linking this post up with You Capture and hopefully more can get in on the 'action' of getting some 'actions' :)

Well I hope this post was of some good info for you and that it wasn't TOO much text. I just wanted to share what I knew so that everyone else was able to enjoy such great actions as I do. All I ask is that you leave me some comment love..maybe telling of places you know of to find some great freebies or even share your own favorite edit..simple or complicated..for everyone else to see! Or just tell me what your favorite action is! Have a great rest of the week and God Bless!

16 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Shawntae said...

Are you serious? These are great shots!! I love your little guys cheeks. I just want to kiss them and eat them. haha

- Jessi - said...

Great photos. Love the actions :)

Karli said...

Loooove this post! Thanks for reminding me about Nelly Nero! I'm really curious about that action about taking the red out of skin tones. I get some funny coloring going on in my kitchen sometimes. The wood is very warm and ends up causing major color casts. Thanks so much for the links - FUN! GORGEOUS pics...love the tones!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for the freebies! You also have beautiful photos! LOVELY shots! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

You're the best for sharing all these freebies - you know I love a good freebie.

Kristy said...

I love that snowy photo thanks for sharing tutorial!

Natalie said...

You're welcome everyone! Just giving back to my lovely friends whom always inspire me to push myself to the limits or who share some freebies of their own! Hope you all get a lot of use out of them!

Brooke said...

CUTE shots! I love all the edits :D

Kathleen said...

Love your captures! (And I wish I knew more about photography so I could understand all of your photography-ese! ;))

Tiaras said...

lovely photos!

carlotta said...

These are all such adorable photos! Your little man is too cute :)

Michelle said...

Oh he's so cute :) And how awesome are Nelly's Actions! I've been using them for a while, love them!!

Colleen said...

These are great pictures with or without the edits, but I like what you did with them.

Renegades said...

What a cute giggling shot.

Sheri said...

No limit to the amount of snow! I so wish we'd get some. I can't imagine a winter without any.

jaime said...

All of your photos are great - I love your sweet giggly boy, though!

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