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kay so first off, thank you for all your kind comments you've been leaving on each post! You guys are my inspiration and my reasons for trying harder and pushing the boundaries! I try to make my writing interesting because I LOVE a good written word/photo combo when I stop by a blog to check it out..it's like icing on the cake. I'm a really outspoken, blunt and honest girl...sometimes a little loud..but that's okay..once you get to know me it's a quality you'll love or hate ;)

Anyways back to business. First I wanted to do my daily photo challenges and get them on here for everyone to see and leave feedback on ;) (Pretty Please?) and then I'll get to sort of the 'second' half of this post.

The Happiness Project
Every Tuesday over at Leigh Vs. Laundry you can take a photo of something/someone that makes you insanely happy and enter into her meme! It's so fun..and nice to see what makes us all happy! Here is my interpretation for the week:
What's so Funny??
This smile, those eyes, that look...that nose..the amazement. That makes me beyond happy. I love to see the look of wonder and happiness in my little boy's eyes. Because after all, that's what I live for..making and keeping this little boy happy. After all, he is a little piece of my heart walking around outside of me :)

Okay so over at Faith's blog, Simplicity, the theme is "White on White". This was a toughie because after looking at my most recent I definitely could not find anything that could be interpreted into "white on white". So I dug just a little farther back and found these photos I took of Dillon as apart of his Christmas shoot I did. This may be a stretch..but the way I'm interpreting is that he's on a white background to begin with and then I edited with a black and white action and added a black and white texture. So really it could be white one white one white..right?! I hope so ;) Here it is:
To see more clever photos of "white on white head on over to Faith's blog!

Sweet Shot Day
Okay so also every Tuesday you can link up your most recent "Sweet Shot" over at My 3 Boybarians blog. It's hard to pick a 'sweet shot' or a 'favorite' because I have so many that I really like that run a close race. But today, this one outdid the rest so here it is!:
This is me and my younger sister, Brittany. Yes, yes, we were in our Mother's bathroom, don't judge us ;) but it's the best room with lighting/big mirror combo so we had to go there. Anyways it's always sweet to get a picture with her since I don't see her as much as I used to..
Sweet Shot Day

Touch Up Tuesday
Okay so Chelsey over at Paper Heart Camera hosts a weekly 'touch-up link-up' where you shot your befores and afters of a recent photo you've taken and you either can or don't have to include your steps in achieving your edit. Here is my before and after:
Jan1-26 BEFORE
Jan1-26 AFTER
Okay so first off I did a curves adjustment. Then I ran the "Woodstock" Action from Nelly Nero and flattened and then I ran the "Summer of '69" action from her as well (that is my FAVORITE action!!) and flattened again. That is it! Yep! That's all! I felt it gave it a vintage, beach-y feel with the shells and the grass. Hope ya like it! For more touch-ups, head on over to Paper Heart Camera!
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Perceptive Perspective
Okay so Hollie over at Perceptive Perspective has this theme for the week: "A Fresh Start". This is my interpretation:
More weeds! :D
New Year means a new season which means a 'fresh start' for all the things that died when the first frost of winter hit. These poor weeds never stood a chance. But next spring they will get a fresh start and be as vibrant and 'weed-y' as ever!! :)

Communal Global
Here is where the rest of my photos that wouldn't fit into another theme will fall! :) That's what I love about Communal Global, you can share one or a few! (Which you can with the others as well...but I always try to narrow it down to one-per so that I don't bore you to tears with a 3 mile post ;) Here are some photos taken Dec 31-Jan 3 that I love but haven't shared!
My angel
Isn't he lovely
These were all taken on that 65 degree day I told ya about in my last post. I love these photos..the black and white of him makes him look angelic and the goofy little smile and his crazy blue eyes..they all melt me. Hope you enjoy!

Trendy Treehouse
Okay so Trendy Treehouse has the "Happy New Year" theme going on! If you read THIS POST then you know about my "New Years" dilemma I experienced ;) SO that being said instead of having photos of a celebration I have a couple to share that were taken on NEW YEARS DAY:
The top photo was another of me and my Sissy on New Years day since she was off work and got to visit..and the bottom was of little man sittin on Granny's table..he's so silly. I have never used a "purple" black and white but this one was also in one of Nelly's sets and I actually think it's quite nice! What do you think? :D For more head over to the Trendy Treehouse!

Okay so there was my challenges for the day! Whew! Now I want to take the time to Ask BEG you to please vote for my I {Heart} Faces entry that I posted yesterday. If you can't remember which it was click HERE to see my entry. Here is the LINK you need to go and vote for me/him (since the photo is of my baby boy) and you can vote for up to FIVE of your favorites...so if you had someone else in mind would ya could ya please throw me in too (if you like my photo that is;) I would be eternally greatful! You have until Friday to vote...I AM #283 in the linky list and that's the number you would include. Thanks in advance to those who do!

Lastly I would like to talk about my One Word for the Year I have been seeing numerous bloggers talk about ONE word they are choosing and building their actions and way of living around it for the new year. Kind of like a resolution but kind of not. There are so many words that I could choose, heck, the dictionary is full of them. But there were two that bombarded my mind simultaneously...and those two are:


I know, the deal is one word but those two go hand in hand to me. I want strength to be able to withstand whatever life throws at me..Strength to be able to stand up for what is right when I know things are wrong..Strength to fight even when I am getting weak and tired. I also want perseverance to stick to my battles and other things that TRY to hinder my growth as a person/mother/wife/friend/photographer. I say try because there are things that have knocked me to my knees and kicked me when I was down but I've been able to stand back up and God dusted me off and I kept treading forward.

My business is my main focus. I will persevere and make it into something great. My knowledge is already abundant from all that my Father has taught me and I hope that trial and error show me more things I can do or goals I can set to push myself and break down the walls of conformity and make something of myself. Make my name go far and be proud of it. People will have no control over me..only God and me with my little family of three .. that is what it takes for me to get the fire to fuel my passions and creativity, to push myself and say..I AM WHO I AM AND I AM AWESOME! You are all awesome and there is that strong, courageous person deep down in all of us.

Never change for anyone. NEVER. If someone says "I don't like you because you won't change"...you didn't need them anyways. Because the key to life and friendship and relationships is acceptance. We must accept one another for who we are..unique individuals trying to find our place in this world. Some days I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of photographers because it's such a popular area ..and why not? It brings out our hidden talents, we can set our own hours and work for ourselves and make money doing it! It's like the dream job for some of us. But we all have our difference SOMEWHERE. For example our processing styles, our posing tecniques, the settings we use..etc. There's so many ways for us as individuals to HAVE our own trademarks..it's fun and who doesn't love to be creative!?

Anyways..I pray for God's help in giving me Strength and Perserverance..and I hope that this year is the GREATEST year my family has seen in a long time. I can feel it in my bones. Something(s) great will happen. And I wish the very same for all of you. Thank you for taking interest in my blog, thanks for following and thanks for encouraging and pushing me and inspiring me! Have a great week!

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Pieni Lintu said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Jill said...

Very Awesome! Well done for sure.

dtahphotography said...

Lots of great pictures

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow, Natalie! This was an awesome post filled with lots of awesome pictures. Your sister is so cute. And you know how I feel about your little boy. TOTALLY adorable. I am always so happy when you join us at Communal Global! We love you like CRAZY! : ) Wishing you a wonderful week! Love, Becky

Our Beaten Path said...

Great post! Wonderful words you picked....cute cute boy, and great pictures!

leigh said...

Such precious photos of your happy boy. I love what you had to say about strength and perseverance.

Thanks so much for linking up!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Natalie I will be praying with you for strength and perserverance.


Sheri said...

Great shots Natalie, Dillon is just a little man!

Faith said...

Such sweet photos!! :)

misc.alaina said...

Thanks for the comment! Great photos - your little one is precious and you capture him so well!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow girl - these are all lovely but that happiness project picture is a real favorite!

Karli said...

WOA. Did your baby just grow up since I last stopped by?! Oh my goodness, he's losing that baby look. I'm seeing a little "boy!!!" What a cutie!! :-)

Michelle said...

This is an amazing collection of photo's! Well done!

The Clip Cafe said...

Just voted for you - all your images are so nice. I love looking at them. You and your sister - great shots :-) Your lil man is gorgeous.

Katherine said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post! All of the photos are so gorgeous and tell a story - i love that :)

Have a wonderful day!

K xx


Anonymous said...

These are all great. Love the first one and your touch up.

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