I {Heart} Faces & Quarterly Top 5!

This week I {Heart} Faces theme is SUNFLARE! I don't think I've ever captured one of those super cool flares with the perfect rays peeping over someone's shoulder or around their silhouette or up in the corner frame of my camera...but I've caught some that were close :) Anyways here is the one I chose:
emily solar flare
I LOVE this photo. I did NOT edit it. It is absolutely SOOC. It is of my little sister, Emily :)


Okay remember at the end of 2010 when we got to share our top 10 photos from the year? Well NOW we can share our top FIVE quarterly! IM SO EXCITED. So From January to March I chose my top 5 favorite photos of my son and here they are (in no particular order):
Hardy Har Har
Bathtime is fun time for this fella! He LOVES to lay back and and "float" or get on his belly and "swim" :)

This shows just HOW much I annoy him by taking his photo :->
Swinging is so much fun! I LOVE this shot because it shows his true giggly, cheesy and smiley personailty!
Beautiful boy
I love this photo because of the crop. I didn't crop it this way, it was taken this way and not on purpose but those eyes..that look. Mesmorizing isn't it?
And lastly this snowy shot from January of Dillon AND my husband. Most of these you've seen once before if not twice, but they truly are some of my top favs! I can't wait to see yours :)
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17 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Mandy said...

Those are all awesome photos! That bathtime photo, my fave!

deb duty said...

Love your sun flare photo! Such a sweet expression!

Kara said...

he's so cute! I love that picture of him in the tub. Always have! But his eyes are so beautiful. I love how you always seem to catch them and have them stand out! Love you, friend!

Rachelle said...

I adore the shot of your hubby and son! Such an amazing, treasure-filled capture. The bubble bath shot is priceless. Love his expression. Beautiful.

The Wishful Lamb said...

these are awesome shots!!

Casey said...

Great pictures! :) Love your flare becuase its cute! and she looks so happy! Love the bubble bath one too

Ashley Sisk said...

Love your sunflare shot and love your top 5 too. Great!

Buckeroomama said...

Beautiful Top 5 photos you've selected (LOVE that last one!)... but are you sure there won't be more that you might want to add? After all, March is just halfway done. ;p

Michelle said...

hehe, you've done it again. They're all favs!! :)

If you need help learning sunflares, I can try to help, if you're interested... but your sooc still rocks!

I simply adore all your son's fun expressions. And you're so right -- his eyes are breathtaking! And that 2nd to last shot you didn't crop -- perfect!! But the one w/ him and daddy is so sweet!!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Those eyes in the second to the last shot are amazing!!

Karli said...

YAY for sun flare! I'm totally going to figure it out this summer. I tried last year, and kinda gave up. LOVE your top 5 photos! I was going to do that too, and forgot all about it until I saw it here. I love that idea. Hope you're having a great week! HUGS!

Jamie said...

Love that sun flare shot

Shannon said...

sooo cute!

Amber said...

There are many reasons I love these photos and I am happy you posted. First, you must be a KENTUCKY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo, me too! I was born and raised in Eastern KY, lived in Lexington for 11 years, and graduated from UK. Unfortunately, we left the GREAT STATE and I now live in Florida. Do you still live in KY?

Second, the memories you captured are truly worth a thousand words. I just love that first one. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Third, look at those eyes!! Gorgeous!!

I will be following along with you on your journey. Really, seeing that Kentucky shirt put a huge smile on my face.

Thanks for linking up with us!!!

Amber said...

BTW, I just featured your post on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love the bath one.

Courtney said...

These are great! I love the one of the bathtime and all the bubbles!! Such joy!! He has the most beautiful eyes! The sunflare one is beautiful too! Just a tip I learned is if you want the kind with the crazy rays make sure your aperture is at f/22. That should help!! Thanks for linking up!!

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