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I'm a little late in the day for posting but my internet has been down most of the day. I spent the morning cleaning my home like crazy since it's a rainy day and rainy days=clean house for me ;). I am having that "2:30 Feeling" they talk about on those 5 Hour Energy commericals...all of a sudden I feel tired and don't know why. My husband should be home within the hour and I can't wait!

Here is my edits for the Good to Wow SOOC's I shared earlier this week. The theme was "Faith".
Here I just adjusted the midtones to make the faces brighter. I think sharpened it and did a contrast boost and a light vingette!
For this edit I used Kim Klaussen's Paper Grunge texture and did an overlay blend and lowered the opacity to about 50%. I then ran one of the zillion actions I have (that I should've written down) and adjusted the layer opacities! :D I am also using the edited photo as my LEM challenge entry for "Texture" over at Tara's blog!

Looking Up!
My son was certainly looking up while trying to get that peach tree limb. He calls individual leaves "trees" and he was saying "I want trees! I want trees!" So Emily got him a few leaves of his own :) This photo I was actually laying on the ground downhill from them..I try to get in funky positions in order to cature those lovely flares!
and then, she {snapped}

The next few images I will share were taken today. My son's favorite book (& I've mentioned this before) is his Bible. I am so glad he loves this book and he now has a lot of the pages memorized. His best one is "Noah made a boat, God made it float, when the water covered the earth like a Coat!". He knows by the photo on each page what it's going to say. I love to read to him, he does NOT move when I'm reading this book to him. So I thought since you've heard so much about this book I'd share it with you!
This is it! Isn't it just wonderful!?
This is the back cover.
LOVE the DOF here. And this shows how each "story" is broken down into a little poem!
Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli
This definitely qualifies as "family fun" which is the theme over at Purply Pink Me. I love the time we share with this book. Daddy does too!


What's your child's favorite book?

11 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Jill Samter Photography said...

awesomeness! love every shot and edit!

Jamie said...

That first edit is amazing!

Kelsey said...

love it! and if you don't want my button so bug, you can adust the size by clicking the button in the "compose" area of the blog post and change it to small :) thanks for entering! cute kid!


Kristen said...

neat shots!! And we have that same First Bible book :)

Lesa said...

What a great macro shot! I'm a bookblogger so must practice capturing pages like that!

My little one loves just about any picture book as long as there is nothing sad in it.

Happy Macro Friday!

Michelle said...

Hey, girlie-- I think your website and camera bag links are mixed up... well, I don't think, I know! haha!

Glad you got your house clean... you want to come do mine now?? haha!

Anyways... love these shots! Your first edit for Faith is awesome! I love how it's so bright and glows. I adore the ones with the kids and the flare -- wow! Awesome perspective and you're so rocking that flare! xoxo

And what creative shots with the bible -- love it and *love* that you're already encouraging him to read and know his bible!! What a great mama you are! :)

Have a great night!

p.s. I grabbed your button and put it on my photography link page -- I updated both that and my about me page tonight...

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

What gorgeous shots!
love both of them!

You're so gifted!

Happy weekend!

Ashley Sisk said...

With your edit - very nicely done. I love the first one because it's so nice and bright.

Kim said...

These are great shots. I love the solar flare. "Trees" is just so cute!

Tiffany said...

Thats so sweet. the kids have that book. I need to read more they love to "read" and look at books too. I love the orangey/brown edits of the last book photos!

Buckeroomama said...

I love the Isolation shot... and I'm also loving all those shots of the men playing the different musical instruments.

You have a very good singing voice! =)

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