The Little Man in my Life.

So I was just over at Mandy's blog and read a post she wrote about her relationship with her sweet little Bennett. It really hit home with what I've been feeling for almost 2.5 years now.

So do I win Mom of the Year Award? No. Am I the world's greatest Mom? No. I loose my temper...I loose my patience. I yell when I should be more understanding and I freak out a LOT when I should just take a deep breath and think before I act/speak. But I try my best and I live and learn and I ask God for patience and understanding and for guidance as a Mother. He is always there to help me through.

Anyways my son is basically attached to me at the hip. My husband actually said that last night as no matter WHAT I was doing Dillon was right behind me or right beside me. That's the way it's always been. He is a BIG OLE MOMMA'S BOY. He not only is jealous when I have other kids but even when my husband is wanting to snuggle cuddle with me when he gets home from work. Last night Jon (the husband) came over to lay with me on the couch..which was immediately proceeded by Dillon grabbing me saying "IT'S MINE! MY MOMMA!" while tugging on my arms. It's funny in a way and at time we feel like we can't even have "us" time BUT none-the-less I love Dillon and I want him with us whenever he CAN be. When we decided to have a child 3 years ago we knew a lot of responsibility came with it and that he would be apart of our lives and our everday.

I still think all parents should have alone time. I yearn for it all the time, but I find myself with anxiety/separation issues if we leave him somewhere..I worry about him getting hurt or running off or crying for me...etc. I miss him also. When we drive down the road without his little booty in that carseat in the backseat, we feel sad and empty..yes WE. Jon feels the same way when we leave him, we miss him and that's just us LOL! He usually accompanies us everywhere. Children are a precious gift from God..the most special gift a human can be given. I am very thankful for him everyday and feel so blessed to be his Mommy. I love you Dillon Howard.

Okay I got that mushy-ness out! So I'm gonna share some photos from my yesterday♥

Texture Thursday!
Grass is a texture, plus this hazy photo with that big blue sun flare makes be swoon. (Btw, bokeh has almost taken a backseat to my obsession with sun flares! LOL And when I can capture BOTH in a photo I'm just totally pleased LOL!)
The Daily Wyatt

This photo is apart of my header and I haven't yet shared it in an actual post so here it is!

The theme at Beth's blog (You Capture) is "Smile". This is the HARDEST to choose a photo for so I gotta just share more than one!

Thanks for stopping by beautiful peoples! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

11 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tara said...

Great post and great photos! I agree with you 100%...Jack is the same way and it is so hard for the hubs and I to have a conversation sometimes. I really want together time but I like you, miss my little man and worry about him. I guess that is what makes us good mommies!

~Shari said...

I just want to say that my boys are 28 & (soon-to-be) 25 and they are STILL big FAT Momma's boys.

Ashley Sisk said...

Awww I love the mushiness...and the pictures are so dreamy.

Flower Photography said...

lol I don't mind mushiness either!! What a bunch of beautiful smiles :-)

carlotta said...

the colors in the second photo are so gorgeous...beautiful capture!

Jamie said...

What a great post! Not being a mother, I'm sure I don't understand it fully, but living with my niece and nephew is giving me a glimpse into the way the love for a child can be overwhelming.

Jill Samter Photography said...

you can gush about your precious guy all you want - it is lovely!

beautiful post and photos!


melissa said...

Beautiful post my friend and gorgeous shots today!!! xo

Michelle said...

hehe, ok, so since you started this... (and remember, I do have a "kid" myself...)

The other night Jeremy snuggled up close and started to give me a kiss.... but within seconds, Storm pops up from her pillow and sticks her nose inbetween us and starts kissing us too!! lol!! Jer just growled at her, but we both laughed... because just like a kid, she's jealous of mommy and wants attention too.... and has awful timing interrupting things. lol!!

I'm glad though, that you try to have time together with hubby, but also recognize that you need to take advantage of the time now when your little man does want to be with you... cause someday, it just won't be cool to hang with mom (or in my case, aunt) so much!

Love your shots, as always. Adorable smiles!!


Marla said...

Fabulous shots. :)

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Audrey @ TheDailyWyatt.blogspot.com said...

OOOH how I love those grass shots! I am soooo digging both bokhem and sun flares too!

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