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Well, one last post before the weekend is officially here! I doubt I'd be able to post any during the weekend because of the busy-ness! Tomorrow we're getting up early to head to Cave City, KY to tour Mammoth Cave and Guntown Mountain! I can't wait to get photos of the cave and Dillon on the kiddie rides! YAY!

Today was a great day, I felt 100X better this morning since the cold I had that started about three days ago. I was able to do my Jillian Michaels workout DVD PLUS PUSH mow our one acre yard..yes, push mow, our riding lawn mower is down at the moment! I got a sunburn that thankfully isn't blistered but should turn into a nice dark tan and hopefully lost a few pounds with all the sweating! Afterwards I came in and cooked dinner and waited for the hubs to get home and we went fishing. I caught another 2.5 lb bass (only one caught except the bluegill Jon and Dillon caught together). The weather was AWESOME too.

I am officially addicted to Pinterest. It's the greatest thing ever, so many great ideas found on it and it's hard to stop "re"pinning once you start! I hope you guys like my touch up this week...here is a reminder of the SOOC version:

Using Ashley's advice about the patch/heal tool and ACR edits I came up with the next photo. Now the bride WANTED her tattoo to show, so I have no reason to photoshop it out..but IF she DID want it gone, this is what I could've done to it:
I duplicated the layer and ran a high pass on it at 8.5 and then did an overlay on that layer and flattened. Next I went to Image>Adjusments and did a shadows/highlights adjustment (upped them both a smidge) then did an "Auto" curves adjustment and lastly used a texture from Night Fate found on deviantART.com. I hope you like it!

Oh, and since I NEVER have any selfies and my husband took a couple today, I'll share them since I liked them a little ;)
My husband has a great eye eh?!

This one was taken by me and since the 50 is HARD to do selfies with at arm's length this is what I got, but I played with it a LOT in photoshop and ran PW's "Heartland" action and did HDR effect and some other things and got this!:
Have a great weekend!

8 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Mandy said...

I love the patch tool, I use it constantly!! Great pics of you, too!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great job with your edit and great selfies too!

Tiffany said...

Great photos. I need to do some selfies. It's hard with my camera. Finding a remote for mine is hard too! What is a pinterest? I'm behind about a week. Had a blah week.. but anyways! good photos and good wedding photos. Outside photos are the best especially with weddings!

creatingme said...

oh , I LOVe the last one!!!

Michelle said...

I'm refusing to get sucked into any other internet activity! :-D hehe! Can't stay off the computer enough some days!

Great job on the edit!!

And look at you, all smiley and laughing with your hubby! Cute pics! I want to laugh with you!


Kara said...

look at you, sexy momma!! and nice edit on that tattoo ;)

Ray said...

I love the photo of you laughing. And your edit is awesome!

Kayla Sue said...

I just got invited to Pinterest but I'm so confused! Still trying to get the hang of it, I guess.

And yes, your husband does have a great eye! You're beautiful!

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