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I've been on the waiting list to be invited to join Pinterest for a while now and finally got the invite today! YAY! If you've never heard of it, it's a cool place to look for almost ANYTHING that's "(p)interesting". Hehe! It's bascially like facebook minus the statuses and all the words, it's a big pinboard of people "pinning" their favorite ideas in different categories like photography, home decor..etc! It's so cool...there is even an iPhone app download. If you are a pinner already on there find me! My email is franklinnatalie28@yahoo.com and my pinterest address is www.pinterest.com/NatalieFranklin.

Okay so this is the second day my husband has worked over at work, and I'm boredddd. I wanted him to come home normal time so I could talk him into going fishing. We've been twice in the past week and I LOVED it. I'm a big HUGE country girl and I've been taught how to fish/hunt..etc. The first trip he caught 3 and I had 0 and I was a little irritated but last minute I hooked a HUGE 3-4 pound bass! So exciting! I threw her back though cause it looked like a girl that was spawing, so I had sympathy for the Mom to be ;). The second trip I caught FIVE...four of which were keepers and my husband only caught two teenie little things, he was irritated that time...I brought the four back to my Dad because he requested them, I don't eat "wild" fish, only Long John Silver hehe!

Okay so anyways I'm gonna do some quick link ups for today and I hope you enjoy my photos! :D

Show {Off} Your Shot/Before-After
This photo was taken yesterday evening of my Uncle's calves. I shot in Manual mode and the original image was underexposed as you can see. I did a levels adjustment where I lightened the midtones and put that layer in "soft light" mode and lowerd opacity to about 90%. Next I did an edge vingette and bright contrast and upped the vibrance and saturation a smidge. A lot of steps but ultimately I loved the result!
and then, she {snapped}

Texture Thursday!
My Mom and Dad's dog, Allie. I did level's adjustment/soft lighted that layer. Upped the vibrance and saturation a TON. Did an edge burn and added a texture from kim klaussen!
The Daily Wyatt

You Capture|Busy
My son was too busy climbing like a monkey to take pictures :)

Theme Thursday-Love
These two were very much in LOVE.

And a few more photos from yesterday that I LOVE and cannot leave without sharing!
Thanks for stopping!

18 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

KatieWrites said...

such beautiful photos as usual. Your pictures on your son always make me smile. He's such a cutie. x

Christina said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would you have to be put on a waiting list for this? ....Weird. But AWESOME PHOTOS! Love the first two! (sooc and the edit) :-)

Nessa said...

what a great edit on the cows... love the last two photos the best. He is a cutie!

Kara said...

i love dillon #1!

and that wedding shot is nice. texture?? looks good if so.

the colors are pretty- as usual! and that dog's tongue made me laugh and i dont even know why.

i love you bff!

Ashley Sisk said...

As always - beautiful work - I really like that texture shot. Your focus is really sharp.

Linda Makiej said...

terrific texture work!

Tara said...

Your son is just too cute, love the doggy, and your texure work!

Jill Samter Photography said...

your work is so beautiful and blessed to know you are enjoying LIFE!


Michelle said...

Um, ok, weirdo. (meant with all the love in the world!) So, you're a country girl who'll go fishing, but won't eat the catch??? lol!! You made me laugh tonight!!!

I love Monkey boy! hehe!

Great job on the wedding photos! So, you gonna become a budding wedding photog now???

And that last one of D -- my absolute fav so far!! :)


p.s. I didn't eat the 12lb catfish I caught....... shhhhhh.... lol!!

Shannon said...

Great photos...I love the last three with all the green!!!

Anonymous said...

Great edit. Love those last three. I just joined Pinterest also.

deb duty said...

I love all of these! You have such a beautiful style. My favorites this week are the calves and every single one of your little boy! He's so cute! Okay, maybe the dandelion one is my most favorite out of all of his. I'm a sucker for dandelions.

Allison Hoffman said...

beautiful shots! I love the busy shot of your son. I feel like that represents most of my shots of my son - he's always moving, running or climbing and I'm always trying to keep up!

Buckeroomama said...

That one of your little guy blowing on the dandelion is super adorable! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

rachel said...

you can change the levels adjustment layer to soft light? I've never tried that! thanks for the tip!

Light Trigger said...

love that picture! (You Capture)

Nicole said...

Wow. Gorgeous photography! I really enjoy your edit! The colors are just wonderful. Thank you so much for linking up with us for Theme Thursday! Great shots!

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