Hallelujah it's Friday!

It's FRIIIIIDAY! That means several things! The weekend, payday...did I mention the WEEKEND!? It's a little chilly here after the storms drove through but tomorrow we're gettin back in the warm weather! YIP!

I wanna mention that my blog URL has changed if you haven't noticed! It used to be dillonsmommajonswifey.blogspot.com which had nothing to do with the fact that I call my blog "The Franklins" and it was way long..so I wanted to change it to "TheFranklins" but OF COURSE it wasn't available! Sooooo I chose thefranklins3.blogspot.com. "3" because there are three of us! HAH!

Anywaysssss I'll quit boring you for now! I hope ya'll enjoy your weekend!

On and On; Vibrant Colors
I already graced you with one kitty photo this week (which placed in the Top 5 over at Allie Reid's blog! Thank you!) but I can't get enough, plus it fits all both themes..I could go ON and ON about how cute he is...and there are some pretty vibrant colors here! YAY.

9 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Kara said...

haha.. just like the v quartet

Susan said...

What a cute cat!! Great shot♥

Misty said...

His eyes are stunning! I see you like contests. I've got one going on at my blog called Favorite Photo of the Week. Feel free to join in if you like. http://throughaphotographerseyes.blogspot.com/2011/05/favorite-photo-of-week-contest.html

Lori said...

Awe...that's pretty!

Tanyia said...

what a beautiful kitty! I am stopping by from LEM's Vibrant challenge!

Kim said...

That cat is really cute. So sharp, too. Thank you for joining in Foto Friday. :)

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

What a cute cat! This blue eyes are marvelous. :)

Michelle said...

hehe. Well, if I could have read this blog post, I guess I would have known that your addr changed! :)

Oh, well! :) Least you know I cared! :)

Anywayssss... :) Love the kitty! Never get enough of them!


Kayla Sue said...

Oh myyy GOSH! He is the cutest thing! I need a kitten now!!! :)

Glad you stayed safe during the storms. We had them too... scary!

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