It's Gettin Hot in Here!

...no you don't have to take off all your clothes ;) But it IS hot around here. Seriously. Heat indexes in the 100's already! BLAH! Good thing my parents have the pool up! My hubby has been in it three or four times and I enjoyed it for the first time yesterday! Sooo much better than sweating your booty off! LOL.

I have been busy cleaning up from the long 3 day weekend we enjoyed. There was SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY. It's pretty scary, but I'm slowly washing my way through it. I took wayy too many photos on Memorial Day, but it's okay, I got them all edited and now have to edit ones from yesterday evening! It's a never ending cycle.

Before the photo sharing I have to let you know that my kitty photo I entered into Allie's Happy Monday theme "Something You Love" was Voted #1!! I am soo honored because before I even announced on my blog that I was a finalist I already had around 24 votes for my photo! Thank you to all who "liked" it and voted for it! :)

My other kitty photo I shared in Friday's post was also a 'favorite' of Tara's over at Live Every Moment blog (I entered it for "Vibrant")!

First my entry for Trendy Treehouse, "Trees". I thought this photo was perfect. I love the perspective and how much you can "see" and all the trees in the frame filled it up perfectly!
Emily about to dive

Dirty feet
A simple shot of a dirty little foot. I LOVE IT.

Self Portrait; Number
Me and Dillon
Well do you see the "number" in the photo?! You'll have to think outside the box..it's a written number on the Coke can, Coke "ZERO". Hahaha. I normally don't let my child go around drinking pop but I do have to bribe now and then to get him to sit still enough by me :D
Photography love...The Paper Mama

Good to WOW; Looking up

This photo was taken yesterday evening. I was on the ground looking up to my sister's bike wheel/tire and snapped this photo. I really liked the angle and DOF! (PS the photo will be bigger when I edit!)

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anne U said...

Gorgeous selfie, love that sun peeking out behind you. Like the perspective on the trees shot and congrats on your win, I remember that shot, it was really cute. I'm pretty sure I voted?

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

The composition on that tree shot is fantastic!

Ray said...

Love the lighting in your selfie and your simple shot is great!
Thanks for linking up!

- Jessi - said...

Love the perspective of your tree shot! Really captures whats going on. Are the guys comparing nipples or something?? lol!

Michelle said...

laundry... You know, I wouldn't mind laundry (and dishes) so much if they'd STAY DONE for a while... lol!

And dude ruined that saying... now every single time I hear "it's getting hot in here" "take off all your clothes" always goes through my head. ugh!

Yay you on #1 - you're rocking these photo contests, doll!

Oh, what a nice pool you all have! :) Glad you have one you can enjoy!

:) cute toes!

Love the selfie with boy! :) Bribes work, I suppose... as long as he don't get addicted to that evil stuff! :) You two are so cute! :)

Love the unique view on looking up! That is so cool! :) All those lines and the dof! :) Love it! Make sure you email that to Jill or put it in the flickr group!


Ashley Sisk said...

I really love your self portrait. BTW, you may want to update your links. I click on home and it goes to your old blog. And my feeder didn't update. I don't think I realized you changed your url. Just wanted to let you know.

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