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Came across this neat little "touch up" linky over at My Reflection of Something blog. The guest judge this week is my friend Courtney from One Mom's Perfect Imperfections blog. In fact, the photo that we're editing is of her sweet girl! I had fun editing it and will share my edit and steps I used to achieve it!

Here is my edit:
Here is the SOOC and Edit "side by side" for comparison:
side by side
Here's what I did:
First I ran Coffeeshop's "Perfect Portrait" action and smoothed the skin with a 71% opacity brush. I turned the "Sharpen" layer on, I did the "Eye Define" with a 100% opacity brush, I used the "vibrant colors" layer with a 85% opacity bruch to bring out the colors in the balls(?) in the background and lastly I had a 100% opacity brush on the "urban grit" layer on the dark spots to make it more "edgy".
Next I duplicated the layer and did a gradient map adjustment with a soft pink, made it a "soft light" layer and turned opacity down to 25%. Next I did a color fill layer with this color (e2c28f), did a soft light to that layer and turned it down to 48%. Lastly I duplicated again and did a red and green gradient map and turned opacity down to 8% and there you have it! I love how her eyes pop and the soft tone and vintage-y feel! Hope you like!
My Reflection of Something

And I'm gonna make this post fuller by adding some photos from Memorial day and yesterday too! :-D
My nephew, Colton :)
Baby Blues!
My neice, Addy
Watergun time!
Dillon playin "water guns"!
Sibling hide n go seek!
Counting together playing hide n seek!
Finger Painting!
Finger paint time!
Seeing Red!
(My sister, Emily)
Look at my hands!
Messsssy Messes!!!
{All of the above were from Memorial Day!} To see more, vist my Flickr page! The ones below are from yesterday!
Dandelion wishes!
Lovely smiles (and tongues)
Jump jump jump!
Thanks for stickin with me through that photo overload!

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tiffany said...

My babies are so cute! I didn't take photos all weekend because I couldn't upload/edit because my computer was being fixed! Wish I did now ;-)! Good photos!

Courtney said...

LOVE your edit, Natalie! Knew I would. :) Nicely done. And it looks like you all had a wonderful weekend! SO CUTE!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great edit and so many fun pictures. Love it!

Laurie said...

That's so cute! I love all the photos! I'd love to see you at my new challenge this Saturday!

Michelle said...

I love the finger painting shots, FUN!

Michelle said...

Wow, looks like you all had a blast over Memorial day!! Lots of excitement in the sun and water -- and look at all that messy painting fun! They all are adorable -- very cute views and fun memories!

Oh, my goodness! Those dandelion wishes -- cute overload! :) Love Dillon's smiles!

And your sis looks so excited... hehe!

Hope things are going good for you, girlie!!


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