A (Late) Father's Day Post.

Since life has been so crazy lately and I've been absent in the blogger world I didn't get to do my Father's Day post. So I am taking the opportunity while my little nugget naps and will do so now :)
I love you more than words could say...

This is my husband's third celebration as a Father. Our son was born December of '08 and it was a day that proved to change our lives forever. Not only did we have another (little) person to take care of-but we ourselves welcomed huge responsibility in our lives. Jon couldn't be any more qualified for the job as Daddy...he's patient, kind, respectful and hard working and willing to take care of his wife and child. We've had hard times and tough situations to deal with but he's been the support and strength of the family that has pulled us through it all.
To watch the bond between father and son is truly an amazing sight. My heart melts to see them play and laugh together and to see Dillon want to be "just like Daddy" in all he does. They have matching shoes even, and when Dillon wants to wear them he says.."I wanna wear shoes like Daddy's.." Oh be still my heart!♥
Jon is a special soul. He is the most solemn person you'll meet & doesn't share a lot of "mushy" feelings publicly but deep inside he's just beaming with pride and love for his little family of three. I'm proud of him and the man he has come to be, and I feel like the bond between he and Dillon will be very good and strong and that Jon will go to great lengths to do what he can to raise his son and mold him into the man he needs to be (with God's help of course.) My husband is a man of God, and I'm very thankful we share views on religion and try to instill it into our son as much as we can.
(Notice his shirt--he has many religion oriented ones!)
Dillon is the spitting image of his Daddy, and during my whole pregnancy I prayed for him to look like Jon-or at the least have his eyes, since Jon's eyes are sooo beautiful to be a man's eyes. Long dark lashes and a very unique eye shape is the first thing you notice on both of them! They make me happy to be apart of their lives & I'm lucky that God decided I deserved them-because they're what makes my everyday better than it could be.

So here's to you, Jon, for being a wonderful husband and even better Daddy to our little boy and most of all the silly-fun-crazy-(my BEST friend) EVER. Xoxo. We Love You

This song reminds me of my childhood/relationship with my Dad-& I know Jon and Dillon's relationship will be like this ♥

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a great father's day - I think my favorite shot is the second one. Very sweet.

Michelle said...


I'll say it again ( and probably again) I *love* the way you shout out and show the love you have for your husband and family! This is a beautiful tribute to your Sweetheart and I hope he reads this and feels as special as I'm sure he is!!

You have captured so many beautiful memories of your boys together -- for sure they will be treasured!!

Happy (late) Father's Day, Jon - you have a wonderful woman by your side, and a little-man who adores you! Feel loved and blessed!!!


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