My Best Shot of a Child

So over at The Paper Mama there's a little challenge going on where you link up your BEST photo of a child. Best. Hmm, that's like the hardest decision ever! I decided to NOT use one of my child since it would be humanly impossible for me to choose between the thousands of photos I have, although he is my cutest subject EVER! (Excuse the Mommy Goggles please!)

There are a great panel of judges who all do extraordinary work of their own! Plus there's tons of GREAT prizes so if you haven't yet, scoot your booty over there and link up! Here's my entry:
So this was a little boy in a family of 5 I photographed a little over a month ago. I'm a sucker for little brown eyes with catchlights in them (even though no one in my family have "dark/brown" eyes).. there is something about little children with brown eyes that is sooooo cute! So I hope the judges think it is as cute as I do! And good luck to everyone else who stops by from the challenge!
The Paper Mama

7 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Summer said...

Great shot! He has gorgeous eyes.

Tara said...

great shot! Love the catchlights!

Michelle said...

i'm not up for writing another book comment, so I'm glad that this post was short. I don't feel so bad then by saying:

cute, cute cute!!


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Gorgeous, Natalie! His eyes are so beautiful.

Shannon said...

Great entry....good luck!

Nicolasa said...

Just look at those eyes!

Jill Samter Photography said...

natalie this is a great shot! good luck!

xoxo jill

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