No, I didn't Fall off the Earth :)

But I have been MIA for quite a while! I had some spare time today (RARE!) so I thought I'd pop in and share a few photos with you. Mind you I haven't stopped taking photos--as a matter of fact I've done a couple of sessions since we last 'spoke'. You can check them out on my website by clicking Here. Also if you see my flickr badge over on the right you can hop over there and check out some others and add me if you like!

Anywho, this summer has been super busy/fun and HOT! A billion things have happened, things that would take entirely TOO long to tell you about now. But some great, some not...you know, life and all. I know that once winter gets here and things slow down I will be back in full force in the blog world. One positive I'd like to share is that at the end of winter till now (so about 5 months) I have gone down 11 pounds simply by cutting out soda. I recently started a diet regimen that seems to be working and I hope I can stick to it and hit my mini-goal soon!

Here is my "Show Off" shot..
I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my photography and editing skills. Trying to switch things up now and then. This is my new "favorite" style...colorful and full of constrast ..I love the late evening light of this shot and the softness and the fact that no one was paying attention :)
Show Off Your Shot

Theme Thursday; Technology

Recent Senior Session. Trains are technology right? Sure, why not!
Theme Thursday

Texture Thursday
This is a new addition to The Franklin Family. Her name is "Sadie". We rescued her, someone had left here to fend for herself out here close on these country road instead of being responsible and bringing her to a humane society or trying to re-locate her. But, our gain I guess! As far as we can figure she's definitely lab, but others have said she's got weimaraner in her, because of her eyes. Either way, shes a good little dog.
Texture Thursday

How has your summer been? Busy? Hectic...quiet? Hopefully fun! Thanks for stopping by!

11 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

DaMora said...

Great shot. They look so occupied as if they didn't even know you were there.

Tara said...

Hi there! These are all great...I love the first capture...adorable!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

Oh that first photo is lovely with the evening backlighting. They look as if they are enjoying the rest.

Ashley Sisk said...

Glad to see you've had a great summer - I've seen you on FB so I knew you were busy doing other things. Love that first shot. The lighting is beautiful.

Heidi said...

Love that first shot, the light is beautiful!

deb duty said...

Love the pretty light in the first photo. Congrats on the weight loss!

Karli said...

Friend!!!! You made my day with your sweet sweet super SWEET comments! XOXO (Read them twice in fact - LOL!) :-) (Oh my gosh! Just noticed my button on your blog as I'm typing this - LOL! You're so sweet!!!)

I've been loving all your pics on FB lately! I always look at them on my phone and they're so small, and then by the time I get home, I forget to go online to peek. I'm a FB hermit these days. But I'm with you in spirit on the iphone - ha!

LOVE your shots in this post. I was just playing with backlighting tonight too! (Not my forte, but I'm starting to get it. Trying to figure out how to get haze without the sunflare on someone's face. Takes a lot of scurrying around, which is HARD for this 36 year old - LOL!)

Your model shot - WOWZA!... and texture puppy - LOVE it! It was great to hear from you today & happy (almost) Friday! XOXO

Karli said...

Oh and LOL! Just noticed your dog's name is Sadie. We were going to name TT Sadie...well, it was on our list anyway. I typed it in somewhere, can't remember...to get feedback on it, and everyone said "it's a dog's name!" - LOL! NO idea! Close call, huh?! ;-)

Michelle said...

Your photos just keep getting better and better, love them all!!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

Hi Hi! I am happy to hear you've been enjoying life! Gorgeous photos!

Michelle said...

HI, Stranger!!! So glad you made it back to blogger land for a quick visit! <3 As you can see, my entrance back has been a bit delayed as well! (hehe, I'm just not on the computer for lengthy periods, and blog hopping hasn't been a priority)

YAY you for quitting soda and getting a start on your goal!! So so excited for you!!! <3 <3 <3

I adore that first shot -- love the sun light, the flare, the way you're observing, but not being noticed.

I've noticed (and tried to keep up on flickr, too) your different sessions -- awesome work, my friend!!

Awe, is Sadie a sweetie!! Her eyes are beautiful!! (love the bokeh grass too! hehe!) She looks like such a great addition to your family!! And how awesome that she's found a new forever home and isn't wondering alone anymore! (sigh, I'm gonna cry!)

My summer -- busy, fun, busy, lazy, busy, hehe!


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