Long Hot Summer...

Man, oh man. It's been absolutely decades (exaggeration) since I've blogged. Wow. I've not even ventured around to any of my favorite blogs to take a look in quite some time. This summer has been hot, long and delightful though. I've enjoyed being in the outdoors, swimming, hiking, taking random trips and all the other fun in between. Sadly though, it's slowly coming to an end. Fall began five days ago and although I love fall, I dread winter--which subsequently comes right after. So that means more time for me to devote to my blog and the computer in general. My phone has been my source of existence on the Internet (facebook, pinterest..etc.) And besides the occasional 'personal' photos I've taken and sessions I've done for my little business I've not even had much activity on my Flickr account! But seasonal changes bring changes within the home as well!

Not many 'big things' happened during the summer...we just enjoyed it to it's fullest and lived, laughed & loved! Dillon is going to be 3 in a couple months and he's at that 'fun age'. He's able to do so much more and we can bring him on new adventures and experiences now that he is able to fully enjoy them. We went to the zoo TWICE this summer...once as a family trip and another for my nephew's 5th birthday. Dillon LOVES the zoo, which means we'll make more trips to different ones in the future!

I've changed a lot mentally, emotionally and spiritually. But no one ever 'stops' changing and being molded into the person they are becoming. I still have a ways to go but I'm enjoying letting loose and being less worrisome and a little more care-free. Not so much as to jeopardize well being but enough to relax and enjoy life day to day. I (feel) I have improved greatly in the wonderful world of photography and hope to continue to learn and achieve new things. I hope all my other bloggy friends have been well, too. Anyways...maybe I'll make an appearance now and then more often and I hope that everyone enjoys the weather before it gets COLD! Now for a few random photos...

Photo of my little(/big) man after a mowing...surprisingly no allergy flare-ups came of this! :)

August13-17 (21 of 36)
August13-17 (20 of 36)
Brother & Sister. Had a day of fun at a local park with my friend and her babies^^

August13-17 (19 of 36)
I love nature, I love the moon!

August8 (9 of 17)
Crazy lil man havin loads of fun with his cousin this day (below)
August8 (4 of 17)
August8 (15 of 17)

Just a swingin' at a park on an overnight trip to a family's home!

July30 (70 of 75)
Our trip to the zoo!
July30 (51 of 75)
Daddy and Dillon
July30 (45 of 75)
"Pretty Bird" :-)
July30 (25 of 29)
Flowers ♥
July30 (20 of 29)

I have so many more...if you'd like to see more I have a Flickr badge and Pinterest badge on the right side of my blog! Follow me there! I hope you're summer has been just as fun!

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

So glad you've had a good summer and glad to see you blogging again. I love the pictures!

Karli said...

Well if I would have just read far enough - LOL! Almost 3! WOW! ADORABLE pics... love the ones with Tiffany's daughter too!

Michelle said...

Hey there, girlie!! So nice to see what you're summer's been like and hear on how you have (and your family has) grown and changed!! Amen for learning to let go and relax! (my hubby would say I need to learn that lesson still).... Glad that you were able to really enjoy it!

I got some zoo pics I hope to be sharing soon... but had a computer melt down this morning and have been working on fixing it instead of getting my pics together as planned... sigh! :-D


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