The Big Boy

It's not often nowdays that I even get ONE photo of my older son during a mini session anymore. He runs from the camera most of the time unless you bribe or beg him. The other day though, I was able to capture several shots of him with one of his favorite things...a guitar. I feel that he will be into music simply because so many people in the family and all around him play and he is exposed to it constantly and he loves it. He strummed on this thing for nearly half an hour, listening to the hum of the strings. I loved watching him as he played with the different sounds and tones.

He just turned four in December, I can't believe he's FOUR already. He is so smart to be four...people in town never believe me. He can talk more than any girl I've ever been around and he learns so easily. He knows his full name, age, birthday and address. He loves string cheese and hawiian sweet rolls...he also is addicted to popsicles. He has such a kind heart and loves his Mama..;) He helps so much with his brother but can also be a little rough at times. He thinks he is grown some days and often talks about wanting to 'hurry' and grow up so he can shoot guns and do big grown up stuff. I tell him to slow down and enjoy being a kid because once he is grown he'll wish he wasn't. I know sometimes life gets hard and stressful...so I am gonna try to help him make the most of his childhood and make as many memories as possible.

Seems like he's hitting growth spurts left and right. I thought it'd be forever before he got out of 3T's but he went into 4's and already getting in 5's! I am buying some stuff from the 'boy' section at walmart instead of over where the baby/infant clothes were. Makes me so emotional. I take all the cuddles, kisses and hugs he offers because I know one day there won't be many of those for him to give out so I want to cherish it all I can. I love him (and his brother) so much! Like I said in my last post I am proud to be their Mama and I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world! Here are a few of the photos I was able to capture the other day...

IMG_0703 copy

IMG_0677 bw

IMG_0678 bw

...and about a week ago I caught this sweet little moment on camera:


Squeal! Just too adorable for words! Hope you enjoy!

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tiffany Franklin said...

They're growing up SO fast. Colton says the same thing. They don't even know ;-)!

Shari said...

Awww Natalie he really is growing up. Those photos you capture with him and guitar are simply amazing. So much emotion in them form such a young one.

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